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Cream ALWAYS rises to the TOP!

On of my “Chefisms” is that “Cream always rises to the top!” See, when you’re committed, everything else is simply a reason or obstacle in the way of you achieving greatness! For the salesperson that says they can’t get past the gatekeeper, for the person that keeps making the same excuse about working out or eating right, for (fill in the blank the goal that keeps getting put off) I simply ask (and would challenge you to do the same) “where is your commitment?” Are you committed until…… ? Or are you committed regardless?!! When I’m committed, the cream (or the work) takes care of it’s self. Feelings don’t come into play, circumstances don’t have any weight over me…simply achieving my goal. So, what are you up to today? What difference will YOU be making today? Go get it and make it happen!

From our kitchen to your soul,

Chef Mark

The 5 Most Common Mistakes a Bride make when Hiring a Caterer


In working with brides, as well as mother of brides, I am often surprised at some common things that are over looked or incorrectly assumed. Such as….

1. There is not enough investment made in the number of staff needed for the reception. We usually suggest 1 server for every 20 guests (more for a plated meal.) Keep in mind, that additional factors include: Anything passed? Enough bar staff? Any action stations? There are places to save $$$$ in a wedding budget- service to you and your guests on your big day should not be in consideration.

2. The bride and guests are stuck with a menu that is chosen for them. This is such a pet peeve of mine! Of course, every caterer should have favorites that they work with and serve…but what is the point of putting something on the menu if the person writing the check (and/or the guest of honor) is not 100% thrilled with? Always look to work with a caterer that is willing to create a customized menu for YOU for no additional charge. After all, you have more than likely chosen your spouse for a specific reason(s). Shouldn’t the menu reflect your same values and tastes?

3. It will take longer than you think! It is rare for any wedding to start on time, people get long winded when they speak, whether can cause a delay and yes, even the most efficient caterer will need more than 45 minutes to move 100+ guests through a buffet line. Take this in consideration when you are hiring a caterer and make sure you hire someone who is willing to “hold your hand” and draw you a mental picture of what your event will look like.

4. No game plan for how the bride and groom will eat. Especially when the ceremony and reception is at the same place…when, where and how do the bride and groom eat? Imagine, you are now with your new spouse, you hit the reception floor, your stomach is growling and you can’t wait to eat…. and hear comes aunt Sally who proceeds to talk your ear off. Now multiply that by the number of guests you have…you might get to stuff your face in the limo as you sad bridedrive away if you’re lucky. Ask us, we have a special plan for how we facilitate this….15+ years and counting with no brides passed out from not eating!

5. Bait and Switch! Hidden fees, fuel surcharge, post production breakdown fees, cake cutting fee (my personal favorite!) are what people do when they are not confident in their product or service! Look to hire a caterer that has 100% upfront pricing- no hidden fees and explains all costs to you. After all, you are trusting this company to feed you and your guests….wouldn’t it be logical to work with someone you can TRUST?

Back to creating my next great meal for my guests…..

Chef Mark

Stay on Track

You’ve set goals. You’ve worked on them. But something came up this week. You or someone in your family came down with a cold, you forgot to go grocery shopping today and there isn’t any way you are going out at this time with children. But here are a few ways to remember why up set those goals and how to jump back on if a hiccup bumped you off track.

Post Them!: I mean everywhere!! On the fridge, in the bathroom, in the car. If you have constant reminders of what your goals are you see them and subconsciously work towards them. It’s similar to a dreamboard! If you see it, and claim it, you can work towards it.

Get a Buddy: We love buddies, it makes things easier, it gives you someone to complain to when you are having a tough day, and a buddy knows what you are going through because they have been there! But the great part about a buddy is you both know why the other is doing this and you can remind each other.

Keep what’s working: If you look at your week and getting up early to workout is going great, DON’T STOP! Make sure and keep those habits that are working well for you!

Ditch what isn’t working!: If eating kale for every meal is torture and you feel like you will cheat at any minute, stop and move on to something else. If you aren’t losing weight, or you were but you’ve flat lined, move onto something that is getting you the results you want!

Stay away from fad diets!: As appealing as it sounds to eat 5 things and lose 5 pounds in 5 days, it’s not the lasting results you want. PROMISE! Changing your lifestyle and being excited about your new meals is so important and you will be excited about eating healthy, instead of dreading celery and carrots for the rest of your week.

Let us know how you stay on goal with your life goals!

Love is in the Air!


We LOVE Valentines! We know its cheesy but we just love LOVE! Here are some ways to spice up your Valentines but also not break the bank!

Make gifts: sentimental gifts that are heartfelt and homemade mean so much! When children make you a necklace at school, or a picture, you cherish that gift more than any store bought you may receive. Making a collage, writing a poem or special note, scrapbooking, all of these are sentimental gifts that last a long time and mean so much.

Special Night In: Light some candles, make a dinner, and just spend quality time with one another! This is so important. Valentines is about celebrating the people you love, and making a great night is the perfect way to do that!

Think ahead: Do you know that your significant other loves something that is not always available? Such as a certain candy you can only get at a certain school? Or possibly a band or comedian that only comes to town once a year?  If you look at the schedule before the week of Valentines you may be able to snag some great tickets or pick up that candy and stash it in the back of the pantry. Thinking ahead shows you really put thought into it and that is what it is all about!

Lastly, be YOU: if you are goofy, be goofy! If you are romantic, be romantic! Don’t try to be something you aren’t for a holiday that is all about celebrating who you are to the loves in your life! That is why we love this holiday! You get to shine and show your SO why they love you!

Early Birthdays

Most of the birthdays in the Remarkable Affairs Catering office are early in the year (before Valentines). So they are smack dab in the middle of holidays and sometimes feel rushed, thrown together, or undercelebrated because we are so tired from hosting massive parties a few weeks before. If you have an early birthday you know exactly what we are talking about! We love birthdays and making people feel important so here are some ideas to make the early birthdays awesome and cost effective so that you can enjoy them!

Themes: Most of us have our favorite themed party that we would rock out every time we are invited! Leslie loves the 70’s, so planning a fun 70’s party for her would be the perfect theme for a birthday party. If you already have a bunch of stuff for a certain theme, use it! Dress up the house and have friends over to party away.

Recycle: I’m pretty sure I suggest this on every tips post, but people forget so quickly about the decorations they used 6 months ago. So pull out what you have, and throw a party with some old decorations that people don’t remember! You will be amazed the amount of money you save pulling from old decorations.

Check out local spots: Dave and Busters has specials running for dinner and game nights, Top Golf offers great fun for everyone, and there are ton of other putt putt places around! Getting out of the house and meeting up with friends is a great use of time and resources and typically costs you less!

So, even though these are simple, they are fun!! Let us know what you do for your early birthdays 😀


Breakfast is Key

People always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they aren’t lying!! I was featured on WB33 this past fall when I spoke about my weight loss, and the main point I made was based off of a study that if you eat a large breakfast you eat less at night. Therefore, you are hungrier in the morning and burn off what you eat. Eating a big breakfast is so important! So, what are good breakfast choices? Proteins are great because they give you a bunch of energy, but they also burn off really quick. Your body doesn’t store protein, it uses it! So eat meat, eggs, and cheese to gain that energy in the morning. Another great thing to eat in the morning are whole grains! You get full, you fulfill your body’s need for them, but you also have the entire day to burn them! Whole Wheat Toast, Corn Tortillas and Oatmeal  are great choices for whole grains. Yogurt is another great item to add in for breakfast. The probiotics in yogurt are so important and you will see a huge difference in yourself simply by adding a container of yogurt each morning. Fruit is the last thing to add to a perfect breakfast! You want to get your fruit in early as well. The sugars give you energy, but like pasta, if you don’t use them, they stick to your hips. Get fruit in early so you can burn off the sugar. Also! Berries are great for you and lower in sugar then say an orange or melons. So choose berries, you’ll be happy you did.


New Years Resolutions!

We all have those resolutions we will never achieve or aren’t achievable because we don’t set ourselves up for success! I had a goal of being under 200 pounds and 20% body fat. Let me be the first to say it isn’t easy, but with the right tools its more achievable then just eating 1,200 calories, walking and falling off the wagon a gazillon times until you finally find what works! Here are a few goal setting rules! The new year has already started but you can start new goals whenever and this blog may help you keep the resolutions you set at midnight and broke then next morning! (We’ve all done it, don’t feel bad :D)

Is it attainable?

Can you reach it or are you shooting for the moon with no plan? Make goals you can reach. If you want to lose weight, research the healthy amount to lose in 1 year, divide by 12 & have goals and checkpoints for each month.

Make a plan!

Goals without a plan is just a wish. If you don’t have a plan you are setting yourself up to quit in 2-3 months! Make sure to set a plan, work it, reevaluate it, and change areas that aren’t working but keep going with the areas that are!

Be prepared to change the plan if it doesn’t work. We all know the definition of insanity.. Well that’s what you do if you refuse to change the plan that isn’t working.

Make a short list, not a long one!

My assistant had a resolution list of 20 things last year, and completed one. This year she is taking her resolutions more seriously and that includes cutting down the list! Choose a few key goals and stick to them! Don’t make a list of 20 hoping you keep one, by accident normally, really commit to those key goals and follow them all the way through!



Having traditions at this time of year are huge! Here are some ideas to make this time of year memorable & special. We know you can always build gingerbread houses, decorate cookies, and design stockings but here are a few ideas to add to your already existing traditions!

Craft night:

This is a time to get the children in the family, or all your closest girlfriends together and make all your favorite pinterest crafts! Make those cute ornaments, garland, thank you cards or anything else you can think of! Another thing you can have is a trim the tree party! It’s an excellent way to get Christmas decorating done and have fun doing it.

Christmas classics:

This tradition is taking all the old movies, old music, and old traditions you have and getting more people involved and excited! Take a group of friends caroling! It’s a great time to get out there!

Traditional recipes:

You know all those recipes that are in the classic songs or you hear your grandparents talk about but you’ve never tried? Do it!! Try to make figgy pudding, fruit cake, fudge, candy making, or anything you can think of! Use this as a gift for neighbors that way it doesn’t go to waste!

Game night:

Pull out your favorite games, or go buy a few new ones, make homemade cider or hot chocolate, homemade marshmallows, and just have a ball!

These tips are so simple but will mean so much when your children and family look back on those memories later!

Party Planning Tips


We know you are planning parties and we know it can be stressful! So here are some tips to make this party season more enjoyable!

-Don’t Do It Alone! call your friends, family, and guests to help out with stuff, such as bringing a side or dish, or running some last minute errands for you!

-Prep is Key: do everything as far ahead of time as possible! It will keep you from getting stressed and will make the last minutes before the party less crazy

-Keep It Simple: don’t try to “Keep Up With The Jones” you will be frustrated and won’t get to enjoy your party

-Have A Menu With Six Items Or Less: Do you feel like we are jipping you? Believe me, this will save you! You only have to make a certain number of items and typically you won’t have a ton of one item left over.

-Use What You’ve Got: don’t go spend an unheard of amount of money on a decoration or centerpiece you don’t really like or you will never use again. Use what you have a get crafty to “revamp” stuff.