Cream ALWAYS rises to the TOP!

On of my “Chefisms” is that “Cream always rises to the top!” See, when you’re committed, everything else is simply a reason or obstacle in the way of you achieving greatness! For the salesperson that says they can’t get past the gatekeeper, for the person that keeps making the same excuse about working out or eating right, for (fill in the blank the goal that keeps getting put off) I simply ask (and would challenge you to do the same) “where is your commitment?” Are you committed until…… ? Or are you committed regardless?!! When I’m committed, the cream (or the work) takes care of it’s self. Feelings don’t come into play, circumstances don’t have any weight over me…simply achieving my goal. So, what are you up to today? What difference will YOU be making today? Go get it and make it happen!

From our kitchen to your soul,

Chef Mark

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