The 5 Most Common Mistakes a Bride make when Hiring a Caterer


In working with brides, as well as mother of brides, I am often surprised at some common things that are over looked or incorrectly assumed. Such as….

1. There is not enough investment made in the number of staff needed for the reception. We usually suggest 1 server for every 20 guests (more for a plated meal.) Keep in mind, that additional factors include: Anything passed? Enough bar staff? Any action stations? There are places to save $$$$ in a wedding budget- service to you and your guests on your big day should not be in consideration.

2. The bride and guests are stuck with a menu that is chosen for them. This is such a pet peeve of mine! Of course, every caterer should have favorites that they work with and serve…but what is the point of putting something on the menu if the person writing the check (and/or the guest of honor) is not 100% thrilled with? Always look to work with a caterer that is willing to create a customized menu for YOU for no additional charge. After all, you have more than likely chosen your spouse for a specific reason(s). Shouldn’t the menu reflect your same values and tastes?

3. It will take longer than you think! It is rare for any wedding to start on time, people get long winded when they speak, whether can cause a delay and yes, even the most efficient caterer will need more than 45 minutes to move 100+ guests through a buffet line. Take this in consideration when you are hiring a caterer and make sure you hire someone who is willing to “hold your hand” and draw you a mental picture of what your event will look like.

4. No game plan for how the bride and groom will eat. Especially when the ceremony and reception is at the same place…when, where and how do the bride and groom eat? Imagine, you are now with your new spouse, you hit the reception floor, your stomach is growling and you can’t wait to eat…. and hear comes aunt Sally who proceeds to talk your ear off. Now multiply that by the number of guests you have…you might get to stuff your face in the limo as you sad bridedrive away if you’re lucky. Ask us, we have a special plan for how we facilitate this….15+ years and counting with no brides passed out from not eating!

5. Bait and Switch! Hidden fees, fuel surcharge, post production breakdown fees, cake cutting fee (my personal favorite!) are what people do when they are not confident in their product or service! Look to hire a caterer that has 100% upfront pricing- no hidden fees and explains all costs to you. After all, you are trusting this company to feed you and your guests….wouldn’t it be logical to work with someone you can TRUST?

Back to creating my next great meal for my guests…..

Chef Mark

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  1. It’s been said that the 5 most stressful times in life are birth, death, wedding, divorce and a move. When the bride has said “YES!!!!” and the ring is sparkling on her hand, we move on to the next steps: hire a wedding planner, a florist, a photographer and a band; all of which have been thoroughly researched and interviewed. All the hopes and dreams (and tens of thousands of dollars) going into this day require that no effort be spared to ensure this is the dream wedding that was planned from childhood. Imagine if everything were perfect and then your honored guests sat down to a cold, tasteless meal or worse, not even enough for all the guests? We’ve all heard the stories….Hiring Mark and the expert staff at ReMarkable Catering is simply the next step in a well planned, well prepared brides list! With a full service catering team, No detail is overlooked and every effort is taken to ensure that your menu, like your day, is everything you hoped it would be!

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